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Rain, Rain & More Rain With all the rain over the past week I decided to checkout some areas that had flooding.  The first clear day just happened to be Christmas and with the high of 79 I ventured out.  GA weather!!!  The pictures below are from High Falls and Indian Springs.  The color of the water has me thinking about a glass of chocolate milk :)


]]> (John B Photography) 1D3 35mm 5D 70-200 Art Belknap Canon County Forsyth GA Georgia John John Belknap Lake Monroe Natural Sigma Water f1.4 f2.8 fall wheelchair Sat, 26 Dec 2015 00:15:58 GMT
Sunrise in Juliette Last year I took a few shots of Plant Scherer (GA Power) and while I was there told my friend I needed to return to get a sunrise shot.  I noticed we were facing the east which meant the sun would rise behind the plant.  A little over a year later I finally went.  I didn't arrive as early as I wanted nor did I have a tripod (need to invest in a decent one) to get the long exposures but I plan to return.  After leaving the Lake Juliette area I then went to the river in Juliette to capture to fog over the water or as I was singing "Smoke on the Water".  Getting up earlier than normal and being productive in something I enjoy had me feeling pretty good throughout the day.  Enjoy the slideshow.

]]> (John B Photography) 1D3 35mm 5D 70-200 Art Belknap Canon County Forsyth GA Georgia John John Belknap Juliette Lake Monroe Natural Plant Scherer Sigma Sunerise Water f1.4 f2.8 fall wheelchair Sat, 17 Oct 2015 17:00:00 GMT
High Falls Today was a free day to myself so I decided to grab my camera to explore, well I only went a few miles to High Falls lol  As I looked around for some areas that I could get to I was surprised at how run down the park has become.  It's sad to see as it draws in tourist and represents our county.


]]> (John B Photography) 1D3 70-200 Belknap Canon County Falls Forsyth GA Georgia High John John Belknap Monroe Natural Water f2.8 fall wheelchair Thu, 20 Aug 2015 19:50:03 GMT
Sunset 8-11-2015 Lately it seems God has been showing off his art work in the sky.  This past Tuesday I set out to shoot the beautiful pinkish orange sunset we've been experiencing recently.  As I got to my location though the clouds had started forming hiding the sun resulting in a different sunset.  As I waited around for the sun to peek out I was able to get a few shots I enjoyed.  After shooting these a storm rolled in which was the darker clouds forming in a few photos.

If you're interested in purchasing prints I loaded them into the "Prints" album.  If you need help ordering feel free to contact me.  Thank you and enjoy.


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Happy Birthday Cori Happy Birthday Corinne!!!  I've worked with Corinne several times now and each time she's impressed me.  From our first shoot to the last she's become a natural.  I look forward to continuing our friendship and photoshoots :)

]]> (John B Photography) 5D 70-200 Art Belknap Canon Corinne Forsyth Georgia John John Belknap Juliette Natural Sigma f1.4 f2.8 model wheelchair Tue, 10 Feb 2015 05:00:00 GMT
Shooting with Hannah Saturday a fellow photographer contacted me about doing a shoot he was unable to do due to an injury.  Since my day was free I took on the shoot and met up with the model Hannah.  A few hours and locations later these are some of the shots we got.  Thank you for viewing.


]]> (John B Photography) 5D 70-200 Belknap Canon Forsyth Georgia Hannah John John Belknap Natural f2.8 model wheelchair Mon, 09 Feb 2015 00:37:30 GMT
Selling My Camera I posted my Canon 5D for sale recently which caused some to ask why.  As I looked back on my shoots over the past few years I noticed some of my work has gotten better but I'm just not excited about it.  They say you are your own worst critic which maybe true but that just drives you to better yourself or quit.  I debated on the quitting part but have decided to take a break from trying to make a business from photography to going back to shooting for myself to find the fun I've been missing.  

Going back to what made it fun was when I wasn't trying to hard or putting stress on myself worrying about if someone would like my work.  This year I plan on going back to the basics.  With my nephew playing sports and my love of motorcycles I'm leaning towards doing more action shooting this year.  With that I feel maybe I'll find my satisfaction again.

What's all that have to do with me selling my camera?  Well the trusty 5D is more of the do everything camera but the auto focus isn't near as quick as a sports camera.  Also where the 5D shoots 3fps* a sports camera can do up to 14fps* which comes in handy on those split second moments.  I've used my 5D for years shooting sports while nailing some great shots but it's time for something quicker.

I've always told myself I'd never sell the 5D as it takes beautiful pictures.  It still has the reputation today of being one of the best image quality and color rendering sensors in a digital camera.  A lot of people say the way the pictures look coming from it have a special feeling unlike any other digital camera.  In order to purchase a sports camera though I'm going to need to sell it.  If you know of anyone looking for a clean, well kept up full frame** sensor camera please send them my way.  

Hopefully this has answered all the questions but if not ask away.

*FPS - Frames Per Second is how many pictures a camera can take in a second.

**Full Frame vs Crop Sensor - This could go on forever but the larger the sensor the better.  When I left the crop sensor to the full frame years ago the image quality blew me away.

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Testimonials I'm gathering testimonials from my clients for my website.  If we've shot together please post about your experience.  Thank you

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Moto-X Compound I finally got to shoot a little motocross today.  All summer it seemed anytime I was free to go shoot mx the rain would roll in.  Today though I went to the Moto-X Compound knowing it would be sunny and spent about two hours taking pictures before the 100+ heat index started getting the best of me.  Next time hopefully it'll be cool but until then enjoy these photos :)

More photos from today will be in the "Clients" area in the "Motocross" album.

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Beauty and the Sunflowers A few weekends ago I was told about a sunflower field that was in bloom.  Always wanting to do a shoot with sunflowers I told Logan about it and we were off to find the location.  Once we reached it the sun was almost directly above so I knew the lighting wasn't ideal plus it was already 90+ and humid.  Within 30 minutes we took a few shots and back to the air conditioner :)  Thank you to my go to friend for trying ideas, I think we nailed a few good ones.


]]> (John B Photography) 5D 70-200 Belknap Canon Georgia John John Belknap Logan Natural Sunflowers f2.8 Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:46:04 GMT
Relaxing By The Lake Sunday I was in the mood to shoot some landscapes while relaxing at the same time but needed somewhere new to visit.  As I was considering locations I remembered the boat ramps at Lake Juliette that I haven't visited in years.  Here are a few shots and as always prints can be purchased in the "Clients" section of the website.

]]> (John B Photography) 35mm 5D Art Belknap CPL Canon John John Belknap Juliette Lake Natural Sigma f1.4 Mon, 28 Jul 2014 21:15:37 GMT
Shooting 38 Special On July 3, 2014 I had the opportunity to shoot the band 38 Special at the Warner Robins GA fireworks show.  While shooting motocross last year I met Bobby Capps the keyboardist/singer of the band as his son Nikko was training.  Over the year we kept in touch and when I saw 38 Special would be playing nearby I told Bobby I'd definitely be there.  The concert was amazing watching the guys do their thing and hearing music I grew up with was pretty cool.  Another awesome part was being able to sit in the media area to get the shots.  The show was so good that I had forgotten about the fireworks show afterwards.  Thank you Bobby and 38 Special.

]]> (John B Photography) 38 Special 5D 70-200 Belknap Bobby Capps Canon Capps" Georgia John John Belknap Nikko f2.8 Wed, 09 Jul 2014 22:56:56 GMT
MotoX Compound I put together a quick video of some shots I've taken over the years at Matt Walker's MotoX Compound.  I used the Windows Movie Maker on my computer which downgrades the image quality but you can still enjoy the photos along with music by 38 Special.


MotoX Compound from John B on Vimeo.


]]> (John B Photography) 38 Special 5D Aaron Plessinger Ashton Hayes Belknap Bobby Capps Brian Deegan Canon Dalton Bailey DangerBoy Georgia Jake Weimer John Matt Walker Nick Gaines Nikko Capps f2.8 motocross supercross Sat, 28 Jun 2014 17:00:21 GMT
Changes Since I started my photography career I've always tried to be fair.  I've never been the cheapest nor near the most expensive.  I've offered friends/family discounts that truthfully left me in the hole after adding up my time, gear rental, editing, etc.  With that said I'm now going to prices that are set for everyone.

For any models there will now be a deposit.  The deposit will go towards the cost of your shoot, if you're a no show you will not receive your deposit back.  The reason for doing this is due to models bailing at the last minute.

The time has come to where if I'm going to continue down this path, changes are a must.  Thank you to all of my past clients and I hope to work with you all again along with any future clients.

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Nicki Nixx Last month I had the pleasure of working with Nicki Nixx.  We had talked for awhile about shooting but timing was always an issue but we finally made it happen and this is a sample of our shoot :)

Follow Nicki on her fan page at

]]> (John B Photography) 1600 35 5D 70-200 Alien Art Bee Belknap Canon Georgia II IS John JrX L Nicki Nixx Popper Radio Sigma Studio f1.4 f2.8 Fri, 24 Jan 2014 01:32:55 GMT
Back To Simple Times I've been in a more relaxed mode of shooting lately in which I'm hoping to find my passion for photography again.  By doing that I decide to start shooting landscapes again to clear my mind.  The past year I've been stressing in my head about my shoots like if I'm doing a good job or what the client really thinks.  They say you're your worst critic but as I look at others work I'm always trying to improve.  With that being said here are some shots I've taken lately.  If you'd like to see more or purchase any you can find them in the "Clients" section on the Home page.  Sorry for the signature across the photos but I've noticed some of my photos are being used by others without my permission.


]]> (John B Photography) 5D Belknap Canon Courthouse Dam Forsyth Fried GA Georgia Green John Juliette Natural River Tomatos Tue, 24 Sep 2013 20:32:06 GMT
Hanging with Jake Weimer Last month I had the opportunity to shoot with Team Kawasaki's Jake Weimer.  I've never been someone that's star stuck but it was a pretty cool experience to add someone that people know to my portfolio.  Now I need to start saving up for a Canon 5D3 to help track sports shooting better ;)

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Miss Lacey A few weeks ago I had the privilege to shoot with Lacey on her first photoshoot.  For her first time, she rocked it with her natural beauty.  As for myself, I tried something I haven't done in a long time on a shoot and that was shoot with all natural light.  Ok, now to the photos :)


]]> (John B Photography) 5D 85mm Belknap Canon John Lacey Light Natural Photography f1.8 Thu, 04 Jul 2013 20:48:49 GMT
Cierra & Brittany I'm starting my first blog on with my latest shoot.  This was a quick shoot with Cierra and Brittany around town.  Cierra is my new muse you can say since we're bouncing ideas off each other plus she loves being in front of the camera.


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