Welcome to John Belknap Photography

I was born and raised in middle Georgia which is where I call home.  Growing up my dad was into photography shooting events, weddings, portraits, etc and my mother worked at the newspaper where I remember taking interest in how cool the darkroom was.  Watching a negative turn into a print was like a magic trick as a kid.

Around the age of 12 my dad gave me his old 35mm SLR to play with but at that time my dream was to be a professional motorcycle racer.  I shot a few rolls of film over the years but it never fully took my attention as my mind was other places throughout my teens.  In 1999 though my life changed from a car accident that left me paralyzed.  While in therapy my mind raced wondering what I'm now going to do with my life as everything had changed.  One of my therapist told me they had an entry photography class they offered so I took it.  I went around the therapy center photographing patients along with their families but it wasn't until delivering the prints that I saw the smiles and tears that made me take notice in the strength a photo carries.

In 2005 I started playing around with a Kodak DX7590 camera taking pictures of everything.  In 2007 I shot my first photoshoot with a model using it.  I then modeled some myself and learned more about camera gear, lighting, etc.  I ended up purchasing a Canon Rebel XT from a photographer I shot with and from their my time became consumed to photography.

As of today I've been voted "Photographer of the Year" in Monroe County for 2012, 2013, 2016, 2022 and 2023 which has been an honor to be recognized by the community.